We are the manufacturers of acrylic sheet,pmma sheet,acrylic housewares, acrylic tablewares,acrylic dinnerwares, acrylic displays,acrylic bathroom ware, acrylic furniture,acrylic rack,acrylic chest, acrylic cosmetic storages, acrylic lid, acrylic cover,acrylic serving tray,acrylic plate,acrylic containers,acrylic cup, acrylic tumbler, acrylic products.

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About Us

Welcome to the gateway of elegant life. This is the hub for you to look for any kind of acrylic products from Taiwan.

To push down the cost Jokema industry combines from upstream to downstream in acrylic industries in Taiwan for offering you competitive prices with high quality.

If you need a reliable supplier who can offer various acrylic products whatever handy or injection we are the one you never disappointed.

Main products:

Acrylic Sheet:

  1. Clear acrylic sheet
  2. Fabric acrylic sheet
  3. Diamond acrylic sheet
  4. Frosted acrylic sheet
  5. Glitter acrylic sheet
  6. Mirrored acrylic sheet

Acrylic Houseware Products:


  1. Acrylic Bath Wares (Bathroom Ware): acrylic chair / acrylic lotion dispenser / acrylic basin / acrylic soap dish / acrylic toothbrush holder / acrylic trash bin / acrylic garbage bin / acrylic tissue box.
  2. Acrylic Kitchenware: acrylic dinnerware / acrylic tableware / acrylic pitcher / acrylic tumbler / acrylic utensil / chopsticks case / acrylic cake tray / acrylic cake displays / acrylic serving tray / acrylic tongs / acrylic napkin holder / acrylic bed table / acrylic tea table / acrylic scoop / acrylic chopping board holder.
  3. Acrylic Cases: acrylic chest / acrylic box / acrylic jewelry chest / acrylic jewelry box / Acrylic Cosmetic Storages.


  1. Acrylic Bath Wares (acrylic bathroom ware): acrylic tumbler / acrylic soap dish / acrylic lotion dispenser / acrylic toothbrush holder / acrylic trash bin / acrylic garbage bin / acrylic tissue box / acrylic toilet brush holder / acrylic cotton ball box
  2. Acrylic Kitchenwares: acrylic canister / acrylic butter dish / acrylic scoop / acrylic spoon / acrylic fruit fork / acrylic coaster / acrylic pepper mill / acrylic salt mill / acrylic pepper grinder / acrylic salt grinder / acrylic oil bottle / acrylic vinegar bottle / acrylic salt shaker / acrylic pepper shaker / acrylic vinegar sprayer / acrylic pitcher / acrylic cup / acrylic tumbler / acrylic salad bowl / acrylic hooks
  3. Acrylic Wine Ware: acrylic champagne bucket / acrylic ice bucket / acrylic cocktail shaker / acrylic wine cooler / acrylic bottle opener
  4. Acrylic Stationery: acrylic office desk accessories / paper clip / acylic pen pot / acrylic envolope holder

If you get your own design please feel free to contact us for further development.
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